The Edmund T and Eleanor Quick Foundation is a small private foundation created by Mary Eleanor Quick in honor of her husband, Edmund T Quick.  Both Edmund and Eleanor were salt of the earth people, who earned their living farming and ranching dry land east of Denver.  As Denver, and then Aurora, continued to grow, their real estate holdings became desirable for future development.  They were both religious people who always thought of others and the Quick Foundation will continue their legacy for years to come.

The Quick Foundation benefits general charitable entities in the State of Colorado.  Grants are awarded for operating funds, program funds, and capital projects.  The target areas for grants are:  basic needs organizations, youth programs (not including sports teams), religious organizations, domestic violence programs, historic preservation, early childhood, women oriented programs, animal shelters and veterans programs.  The Foundation does not make grants for fund raising events, direct payments to individuals, for the purchase of tickets to an event, or to conduit organizations.  The Foundation has a target of making 30% of grants in rural Colorado and no more than 70% of grants in the Front Range urban corridor.

Grant Dates and Form of Application:  The Foundation uses the Colorado Common Grant as available on the Community Resource Center web site,  Grant due dates are April 15th for the Spring board meeting and September 15th for the Fall board meeting.  Grants are generally paid out in July and December.  Grant reports are generally due within one year of funding.

Communications should be addressed to the Executive Director.  If your program does not all within the areas of endeavor addressed above, you should contact the director to determine if your organization would fall within the target areas for funding.